What Is Best For My Hair?

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Sometimes it does hurt to be so beautiful. Have you ever had a Brazilian? I am not talking about eating a Brazilian. I am talking about waxing you nether regions to bare skin perfection. That shit hurts but you know what they say “no pain, no gain” they also say stupid shit like “peep-poopy cocka” so not everything people say should be written in the history books. But beauty is important and has had a monumental impact on our human history. Attractiveness has played a role in creating future generations of attractive people. These offspring have grown up with hair so lush and beautiful the Greek gods would shit their pants.

When we capitulate and realize that being beautiful is important we can defeat the evils of equality and one way to do that is with argan oil shampoo. This creamy moisturizing oil is liquid gold if you ask me and also if you ask the locals in Morocco where originally comes from. Argan oil is an act of nature showing us that She has provided us with ways to be beautiful. It leaves dry hair hydrated and turns frowns upside down. The next oil that is very popular is tea tree oil. This oil is another foreign delicacy originally form Australia and ever since it was introduced to western culture we have found more and more ways this oil can improve our lives. One really important thing is that it is anti-fungal which means when you have a bad case of dandruff you can rub this oil on your scalp and watch it go to work clearing your scalp and curing your dandruff but don’t take my word for it try for yourself. Peppermint oil works in a similar way and also has an added cooling sensation that awakes your scalp and mind. These are oils found in a lot of all-natural organic shampoos on the market today.

Another oil that has made its way into our bathrooms is avocado. It not only is adelicious fruit but the same healthy fats that can be beneficial to our hearts can also be beneficial to our hair. Who would have thought this fruit could be so multi-faceted. There is also olive oil. It also has a great ability to moisturize hair and I use it on occasion for that purpose.

The sun is a friend but sometimes it can have bad effects on our hair especially if you have blond hair. The sun can make our blond hair darker and brassy and ugly looking. Purple shampoo (reviewed by Maple Holistics) can help with that by negating the negative effec

ts of the sun. The purple says hey yellow you suck get away and it listens leaving you with brighter blond hair, perfect for a day at the beach or a midnight stroll. The point is hair care is a endless road filled with oils that can electrify and intensify your hair and life. Go to a health store and check out all the bottle they have to offer to open your mind and hair.

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