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Jack sat next to me in class. He was quiet but/and super intelligent. He was one of those know it
all types but he wasn’t arrogant about it at all. He was just super smart. Born with a high IQ I’d
say. We sat next to each-other for at least six months before he finally said a word to me. If I am
completely honest I had a crush on him from the get go. I didn’t think he liked me. He seemed
too quiet to like anyone. He seemed very happy in his own company.

One Monday he just leaned over and kind of sighed. I looked at him and shrugged. I was so girly
around him and I couldn’t quite work out why. He wasn’t my type but I just found him so
intriguing. He’d always come in to class smelling of Tea Tree oil, I presumed he just washed his
hair with Tea Tree oil Shampoo or something like that as his hair was always wet. I would notice
these things you see – not in a creepy way just that I was very observant – plus it smelt good! He
smelt good – ok enough of that!

Over the course of the next few weeks he would lean over every now and then and mutter a
few words and I would just sit back all coy and then get really annoyed at myself for acting like a
teenager – even though I was one.

It was around 1pm on a Tuesday, I remember the time because it’s just after lunch before going
to music class which was my favorite class. I was at my locker and he was heading towards me.
He was pretty much a loner as was I, although we both had friends, we both seemed to like
being alone although I think he more than I. So he was heading towards me and then he
stopped at my locker. I turned around and was like “hey”, he was like “hey, I have wanted to ask
you something for such a long time now”, I was like “yeah”. He said that he was really quiet and
this was really hard for him but that he had liked me from the day he got into class and that he
found me really interesting and I quote, he thought I had “a brain”. I guess that was a huge
compliment coming from him. I blushed and said thanks and we proceeded to talk for a while
before the bell rang out. He gave his phone number and asked me if I wanted to see a movie
with him some-time, I said sure.

The next few weeks were interesting, we talked a lot more and spent lunch times together, we
studied together and really just spent time getting to know each-other. He finally kissed me one
day after lunch. We would go and sit under this beautiful tree on our schools ground where
there wasn’t a lot of people. The kiss was amazing. We have been pretty much joined at the hip
ever since! Me and my Tea Tree boy, which is what I call him sometimes!

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