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There are times when you wonder if you have full privacy in your own home. I remember when I watched this TV show where she would podcast her life on her computer. Sometimes it would just be a podcast and other times it would be video messages. Either way sometimes she would forget to turn her computer off so her cam would be running while she was speaking to her dad, or friends, or just on the phone. Anyway, turns out that this random guy was watching her this whole time and he found out that she has a half brother, because of things that she spoke about on her podcast. So, he decided that he was going to pretend that he was the half brother and he came to her house. But really he was just a psycho and they called him psycho Derek because he was so crazy. The scary part is when you see his room and it has a wall that’s basically a shrine to this girl and has photos of her all over it. The whole thing makes me shiver because imagine if someone was that obsessed with you – it’s just really crazy!

Either way, this whole thing made me think of how we so easily let our privacy be invaded because we share so many aspects of our life. But the truth is that we don’t know who is watching us or who is finding out information about us. Besides from crazy stalkers, it’s also just insane to think that the government is collecting all this data about us and we’re just supposed to be okay with it. The truth is that just the fact that I need to sign in for certain websites by going through my Facebook or Google profile is super limiting. Like I can’t go on certain things if I’m unwilling to share this information. It’s such a crazy process that we’re just expected to dish out this information in order to just use the internet. They’re just collecting information on us and that’s why the whole privacy thing with Facebook blew up. Because we have to give our information, it’s not an optional thing. The fact that most of our communication, and lives in general, takes place online means that we have no choice but to share this information. Not only that but we’re forced to put more and more information on there. Nevertheless, to a certain extent we do offer up our own information. For example, on Snapchat, the fact that you can tag your location is just a way for it to keep track of you and know where you are. I think that’s a really crazy thing especially when you take into consideration America’s whole freedom from the government stance. They’re collecting data on you but they’re telling you that you have freedom. It’s pretty controversial when you really spend time thinking about it.


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