Does your business use Venmo?

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Our business uses Venmo and we’ve been extremely happy and thankful for the service. As a growing small business, we are constantly looking for new and competitively priced organic suppliers in order to cut our expenses. Venmo has been the easiest and most effective way to make quick payments to try out these new suppliers. We are far more inclined to do business with a Venmo partner than we are a non-partner, not only to save on fees and because of ease-of-access, but because Venmo acts as something of an optical buzzword to signal to us that the company we’re dealing with is forward-thinking and cost-minded. Additionally, rather than operating with company credit cards and keeping track of physical receipts and expense reports, it has been far more simple and streamlined for our company to simply take advantage of Venmo for various business expenditures.

Only authorized members of our team have access to our Venmo account and Venmo’s comprehensive authentication process ensures that there will be no foul play. The only slight drawback I’d point to in regards to Venmo is in its questionable buyer protection as compared to what you would receive from a MasterCard-type company, or even PayPal. However, if you’re confident in your transaction, there really isn’t any potential downside with Venmo. It is easy and a lot of people have it. A lot of people using a money transfer application is important. If a lot of people do not use it then it will essentially be useless. However, a lot of people use venmo, making it an effective money transferring application. The more popular it becomes the more common it will be to pay. It will probably soon be more popular than credit cards. People always have their smart phones ¬†on them and will not always have their credit cards. Credit cards will probably be obsolete soon. Especially since smartphones are the future of how people do everything from transportation to payment.

Venmo is becoming a very common way for people to transfer money to each other. It is very common for friends to use venmo to give each other money. It will soon be a very common way for people to make simple purchases. If your company does not use venmo you may be missing out on a great source of income. The same with apple pay. Having an easy way for people to make payments to you is vital in the business world today. If you do not have an easy way for people to make payments to you then you are definitely missing out on income. Credit cards will become more unusual as cash only shops have become a bit unusual. Most places take credit cards today there are not many cash only businesses. In the future it will probably be unusual for businesses to not to use venmo as a way of payment. Soon cash will probably be completely obsolete, especially when people only order things to be delivered and there is not an option to buy things at a store.

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