The Fight Against Dandruff

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Trends let us know what is in and in today’s post-modern world the populace is into going natural. This is not to say people aren’t shaving anymore and they’re going their hair out but how they approach hair care and other cosmetic needs is changing rapidly and I personally believe it is a beautiful thing. Shampoo and conditioner were invented hundreds of years ago. We are unaware of that fact but shampoo has been around for some time. People have been concerned about how they’ve looked since the very beginning so there have been products invented to help people look their best.  Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by Maple Holistics on Amazon

When it all got started people were using natural oils and other natural soap agents that could be found in the forests and wild round them. You can go to the rain forests of South America and still find tribes using the ingredients the woods give them. Gradually science came to the forefront of manufacturing and new recipes were made to create soap and conditioners. These newfangled hair care products were made with chemicals that supposedly helped your hair to be shiner and healthier. Rarely did they include things like tea tree oil and other essential oils. They found faster and more efficient ways to get the results they desired. What we have recently found out is that a lot of the chemicals these cosmetics companies have used is now found to be harmful and in some cases downright dangerous for us.

All along the way there have been small groups of naturalists that have continued to use the natural cosmetics ancient peoples have been using for centuries. Like I mentioned above tea tree oil is an essential oil that has been used for body care for hundreds if not thousands of years. Even before it was brought into a lab tea tree oil was known for its anti-fungal properties. Locals would put it on the skin to keep away infection and disease. We have now put two and two together and have created tea tree shampoo. This shampoo which is made by many companies including Maple Holistics is found to be a great defender against dandruff. Dandruff at its core is a bacterial and fungal issue so when you use tea tree oil on your scalp you can virtually eliminate the problem from the source which has brought joy and gratitude to many people who suffer from bad dandruff.

The thing about dandruff and dandruff shampoos is that a lot of times they use tar and other noxious chemicals and ingredients that although are effective smell rather unpleasant and can even burn! Tea tree oil is a natural way to get the results you desire. You don’t have to use it in shampoo form even. You can dilute a bit of the essential oil and rub it into your scalp for quick itch relief. The key point about this oil and most essential oils is that they our multi-faceted and can be used on many issues all over the body.

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