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There’s nothing worse than getting gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. It doesn’t come off for weeks. You can feel it sticking to the floor every time you walk. It takes you a little longer to get everywhere that you need to be because your feet are literally stuck to the ground. Not only are you late but you have to deal with the annoyance of not being able to move your feet smoothly. It really is very annoying and I don’t think people think about it enough. I just lost the game.

Then there’s the gum that gets stuck to your clothes when you sit on a bus seat that has gum on it. This once happened to a black dress that belonged to me. It got smeared with fresh, wet gum to the point that it was really melted onto the dress. Someone told me that if I put it in the freezer it will come off so I left it in the freezer for a few days and what do you know, it didn’t work. This makes it virtually impossible for you to remove the gum stain from your dress. Then, I thought I would give it a last ditch effort to see if just putting it in the washing machine would work and it did! It just came off on its own in the wash. I think it’s crazy that something so tiny can cause so much damage, but hey, have you ever come in contact with a mosquito?

The final type of gum that I would specifically like to talk about is the despicable people who stick gum to the bottom of the table. There truly is nothing worse. I say this bashfully because i have been guilty of doing the same thing when I was really stuck and had nowhere else to put my gum. But that’s only if I was really desperate. Some people go out of there way to stick their gum under the table. There was a guy in my school who made it his life’s mission to build a gum wall underneath the table. I’m the kind of person who frequently has to pull my chair under the table when I sit down, so I was subject to touching his disgusting gum collection on multiple occasions. There’s nothing worse than having to touch somebodies chewed gum. That being said, I’ve also been guilty of doing the same thing like I said, so there’s nothing to say that I’m any better. How long does gum take to harden anyway?

Not that it matters because there are some gums that when you chew them they become hard in a second. Every person that came in contact with a bad batch of gum will know that there are some gums that are literally not worth chewing. Then there are those that are super juicy. When you find your favorite brand, you know you’re not trying anything else for a while.

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